The Block Labs Blog

The Block Labs Blog

We are excited to get things underway at Block Labs. As many of you know, we are doing some exciting things with blockchain and crypto technology.

Our first venture is well underway and already getting quite a bit of recognition. The Surety is a unique professional marketplace that changes the game in hiring of full-time employees as well as contract professionals. Instead of relying on headhunters or inefficient marketplaces, The Surety uses the wisdom of the crowd, incentivized by bitcoin bounties and ensured by bitcoin surety payments, to help an employer or client find the best professional for a job or gig.

We also have released our portfolio of premium blockchain, bitcoin, and crypto domain names to the public. Crypto domains are on fire, and our names are priced to sell quickly to companies in the space. You can view our portfolio on Undeveloped here: Blockchain Domain Names.

We have many exciting things in the works and will keep this blog updated with developments at Block Labs.

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