The Surety Marketing Gig

The first job to go up at The Surety is an in-house marketing gig helping us spread the word about The Surety. The gig carries with it a bounty of 0.04 BTC and we will pay the marketing professional $3000 USD or more for the gig. To find out more, visit The Surety Marketing Gig.

The Advantages of The Surety

The Surety is our new marketplace connecting employers with the best applicants and clients with the best freelancers. Unlike traditional marketplaces, where individuals may look good but it is difficult, if not impossible, to separate the best applicants from those that merely look good, The Surety’s patent-pending system results in employers truly finding the best […]

Recent Additions to Our Premium Crypto Domain Name Portfolio

We’ve added quite a few new names to our premium crypto domain name portfolio. Unlike other marketplaces, we keep our prices reasonable and, in many cases, underprice them considerably compared to what comparable domain names have sold for recently. Some of our recent crypto domain name additions include: UsMine.ocm […]

Blockchain Domain Names

We have a portfolio of premium blockchain and crypto domain names for sale on Block Labs. Many of these names are selling quickly. Blockchain domain names are in high demand, as the race is on to secure the best names for crypto and blockchain companies while prices are still reasonable. A good blockchain name lends […]

The Block Labs Blog

We are excited to get things underway at Block Labs. As many of you know, we are doing some exciting things with blockchain and crypto technology. Our first venture is well underway and already getting quite a bit of recognition. The Surety is a unique professional marketplace that changes the game in hiring of full-time employees as […]